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Inside-Out Paradigm

By Dale G. Alexander, LMT, MA, PhD

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Tissue Consistency: One Secret to Professional Satisfaction

Trust your hands' kinesthetic sense of when the consistency of a client's tissue texture becomes more pliable, soft, and elastic. That's a therapeutic effect.

When a limb, either arm or leg, feels less heavy, that is a therapeutic effect.

When a client's head feels lighter, that's a therapeutic effect.

When a client's neck is able to rotate further in both directions than it could before, that's a therapeutic effect.

When a client's wrist, elbow, shoulder, ankle, knee, or hip moves more easily, that's a therapeutic effect.

Do you allow yourself to experience a sense of satisfaction as you work with each client?

tissue consistency - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark Let's face it, we cannot predict such transformations of tissue consistency will occur for every client. Yet, allow it to be our aspiration and inspiration to note when our manual ministrations do produce such changes for our clients. Feeling a personal sense of satisfaction is a daily gift to ourselves that we pass on to each client.

We are part of a profession, part art, craft, and science that has an amazing popularity among the general population. People are hungry for what we offer... to de-stress and help them maintain and improve their quality of life.

The ongoing challenge we face as individual practitioners is to develop additional skill sets to create more of these transformations which support healthy physiology and functional capacity.

Fluids need to move for the human body to be healthy and to function properly. Tissue texture is an accurate indicator of whether this is happening or not.

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