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My View From Here

By Ralph Stephens, BS, LMT, NCTMB

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Death & Health: Very Strange Bedfellows

Watching the news crawl on Good Morning America as I sat down to write this column, I see that the third leading cause of death in the U.S. is now officially being proclaimed as medical errors. Let's see..."medical"... wouldn't that be healthcare? So, the third leading cause of death is healthcare? Really? Somehow I never associated the two as being so equivalent. This is the healthcare that we are mandated to have insurance coverage for by the government, isn't it? The Affordable Care Act (Obama Care), Medicaid, and Medicare, the "Big Three," are government run systems we are forced to participate in for our own good and for the good of society, or so we're told. They only cover "traditional medicine" for the most part. Relatively few of the alternative healthcare professionals are covered by the "Big Three," and everywhere I go those providers are saying they are being squeezed out by visit limitations, low reimbursement rates, pre-authorization requirements and the like. The death rate from screw-ups by the medical profession is right behind heart disease and cancer (numbers one and two) and ahead of ALL other causes. Yes, even ahead of those dangerous unregulated herbs, essential oils, and supplements we regularly hear pose such a threat to people that something must be done!

Death & Health: Very Strange Bedfellows - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark I expected a feature story on this but, alas, it just crawled off the screen with no comment from the program anchors. I was amazed it made the crawl. Someone will probably get fired for that. Interestingly, it is not even listed in the CDC's top ten causes. Yet, it has been known for some years to be the case. Gun deaths and drunk drivers do not even make the top 15 causes of death, yet the outcry is huge to ban guns or pass more gun control laws and make drunk driving laws stiffer.

Doctors and drugs kill more people than guns and drunks combined, by far. Why don't we have an outcry about the third leading cause of death? Where is the war against doctors and pharmaceuticals? Or at least against their screw-ups and how they are regulated? Because we really do not care about deaths unless we can advance a political agenda with them. We, as a society, only care about cash flow, power, and political agendas. Sadly, the willing fools riot over the agendas they are spoon fed by the media while Congress passes laws exempting drug manufacturers, "Big Pharma," from liability when their products kill or harm people.

Some think the government, the "traditional" medical profession, and the pharmaceutical companies care about us and care for us, but despite that perception, their actions indicate instead that they seem to be on a mission of population control. If not in the literal sense, at least in the reality that if you can control the health of the people, you control the people. Not a conspiracy, just a consensus as to the best way to make the most money and thus accumulate the most power. The money is made in treating sickness, not in curing it. Can't have a cure; the cash cow would dry up for that specialty. Follow the money trail. It will lead you to the power trail, a much higher stakes game.

Note: I am generalizing here about the overarching paradigm of the big system. Of course, there are exceptions and many, many conscientious, caring, careful allopaths. Mistakes will happen, as medicine is not as scientific as desired. Imperfect people are working on unpredictable people. But when healthcare becomes the third leading cause of death, something is drastically wrong, systemically, and needs to be publically questioned.

Why does our profession keep groveling at the feet of the allopathic professions, begging for acceptance and inclusion that we will never get because health is the antithesis to their "profit from sickness" system. Besides, who respects needy, whining, groveling people anyway? We should be marketing, together with our alternative colleagues, a new paradigm to the public who is looking for it and wants it. We should market ourselves as an alternative to the sickness system, outside of it. The allopaths have their place and always will. Crisis medicine is essential for trauma and severe sickness. We can work with allopaths when they will, to whatever degree, but a wellness model is required to better serve suffering humanity. It will have to be outside the "system" until the "system" collapses under its own weight. Keep breathing, that's a long time coming. However, then we will have a chance to be a primary part of a new integrated paradigm focused on health and wellness. That is, if we can have the consistent deliverables to offer by then. Believe me when I write that the alternative and integrative communities are watching, waiting for us to get out act together. Not our research, which is all well and good, but our skills, knowledge, and professionalism. We must get rid of the diploma mills, recruit people with professional potential, and teach them to be successful business professionals. We have the best mousetrap. Deliver it with skill, professionalism, and integrity and we will thrive.

Food Fight

Vermont has passed a great mandatory labeling bill for GMO foods effective July 1st. Big Food, Inc., Big Pharma, and Monsanto in particular, are fighting it with their millions. They are trying to get Congress to pass a national voluntary labeling act before July 1st to over-rule states rights. As if that will help consumers. They do not want you to know what you are eating. Money is made on sick people. You are what you eat and think. Again, our society and its rulers (call them what ever makes you feel better about them) doesn't care about life or health, they care about profit, money and power. The rest of the world is banning GMO products as they see the destruction of environment and health they cause. Many countries are banning Round-Up (Glyphosate) as WHO has determined it is a probable cancer causing agent. Our FDA intends to renew the approval on it. If you care, contact your Representatives and Senators and ask them to vote against the DARK Act (S-2609). Contact the FDA and tell them how you feel about your food being sprayed with cancer causing herbicides. Hey, if you like it – let them know that, but get involved. Care about health – yours and others. Activism is required to make change. Get involved – you get out of life what you put into it beyond yourself. 

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